Hi everyone! My name is Molly and I am a recent graduate from Missouri State University. This blog is primarily about pushing past one’s comfort zone with travel and adventure, however, we must push past our comfort zones on a daily basis as well.  This first post is an example of just that.

I am currently in the limbo stage of life as a recent graduate unaware of when the next chapter of life will begin or what it will entail.   As a recent college graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies I have been hit full force by the struggling job market. I have spent countless hours searching for jobs, writing cover letters, and searching some more.  Finally, I received an e-mail about a phone interview with one of my dream non-profits! After spending my weekend practicing and preparing for the interview, the time had  arrived.  I felt prepared and confident, however I was completely unprepared for the speed of which the interview was conducted.  Although I felt confident in my responses, I was left questioning how effective I was in supporting my qualifications and goals at such a speed.  Unfortunately, I was not given the position, but that just means that the phone interview was further practice for the future! Although my job search continues I frequently have to remind myself that it is not because I am unqualified or uneducated. It is a matter of perseverance and confidence.  To all those who are fighting the job market, keep your heads up, continue searching and writing those cover letters, and nail those interviews.  Good luck to all those in limbo stage of life…greatness is on the horizon!